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Roborock’s ultra-powerful and super smart Robotic vacuums are now up to $140 off

(Image credit: Roborock)

Ready for your mind to be blown? You can have clean floors all the time, without having to actually clean them yourself. Over the past decade or so, robotic vacuums have been getting better and better -- and thanks to a host of high-end tech, they’re now great at ensuring your floors stay nice and clean at all times. Roborock offers some of the most highly-rated robotic vacuums on the market -- and you can now get them for up to an impressive $140 off.

A few Roborock models are on sale, so no matter what your budget or the features that you’re looking for, there should be something for your needs. Notably, you’ll get incredible discounts on the Roborock S5, the Roborock E3, and the Roborock E2 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Roborock E2

(Image credit: Roborock)

First up is the Roborock E2, which is aimed at offering excellent cleaning performance at a super affordable price. The Roborock E2 boasts a ton of great features -- including a hefty 1,800Pa suction power, which should be more than enough to pick up the vast majority of dust and dirt. 

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