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This is the ugliest RAM ever but you can't argue with this awesome Black Friday deal

When you're building or upgrading a PC, RAM can quickly become a huge expense, especially if you want to get a healthy amount of it. However, this Black Friday RAM deal makes upgrading your PC super affordable – even if the RAM itself is super ugly.

Now, you may have taken a look at this XPG Gammix D30 RAM and felt the temptation to turn the other way and run, but trust us, this is actually an amazing deal. XPG is a trustworthy manufacturer, and getting 16GB of reasonably fast RAM for just $50 with this Newegg Black Friday deal is kind of a no brainer, especially if your case doesn't have a clear side panel. 

With $50, you'll be getting a 2 x 8GB kit of RAM, clocked at 3,000MHz. It's not the fastest RAM on the market – we're starting to see memory hit up to 5,000MHz in commercially available kits. But, for most people 3,000MHz is more than fast enough to get things done. However, you will have to keep in mind that in order to get that advertised speed, you'll have to go into your computer's BIOS (basic input-output system) and manually set the clock to 3,000MHz. 

Still, even at the base 2,133MHz, a 16GB kit of RAM for just $50 is kind of a steal. If you've been waiting to upgrade from 8GB, this Newegg Black Friday deal might be the perfect time to make that upgrade – that is, if you can stand to look at this ugly kit. 

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