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Cougar just launched the Conquer 2 chassis, and it’s a next level beast

If you think that chassis design has long reached its peak, think again. Cougar is back with its Conquer chassis line.

TechPowerUp reported Friday that the company typically known for designing attractive yet fairly budget-friendly peripherals just launched Conquer 2. And, this time, it’s taken Conquer’s already robotic head-turned-computer casing look to a whole different level of cool and kind of weird. 

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Conquer 2

Conquer 2 has its own powerful lighting system. (Image credit: Cougar)
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Conquer 2

It has an angular Transformer-esque design. (Image credit: Cougar)
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Conquer 2

It boasts four tempered glass panels to showcase those powerful internals . (Image credit: Cougar)

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