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EE's mega 60GB for just £20/pm SIM only deal is still going strong after Black Friday

EE is that network that everyone seems to want to be on and as the UK's fastest 4G network, we can understand why. The one problem is that along with being the network with super-powered speeds, it also tends to carry the highest price tag.

Luckily, that was an issue EE managed to mitigate over the Black Friday savings period by pulling out a pretty massive SIM only deal. With 60GB of data at a price of just £20, EE pulled itself up to the level of its more affordable competitors.

And with Black Friday a distant figure in our rear-view mirror, EE's big data SIMO seems to be staying put, giving you some extra time to get your hands on it.

With the exception of Three Mobile's unbeatable unlimited data plan for just £18 a month, you will struggle to find a SIMO like this right now, especially with EE's superfast 4G speeds.

Below, you will find everything you need to know about this EE offer. Or, to compare it what else is currently available, take a quick trip over to our SIM only deals guide.

EE's big data SIM only deal:

What other SIM only deals are available right now?

As mentioned above, one deal EE will have difficulty beating comes from Three. Offering an unlimited data cap for just £18 a month, Three currently has the market beat. 

Or, on the cheaper side, Smarty Mobile is rocking a 45GB data plan at a price of just £15 a month. And with this deal, you'll be on a 1-month rolling contract meaning you can stay for as long as you want and leave when you like.

Just want something cheap and cheerful? iD Mobile's 2GB of data for £6 option could be ideal.

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