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Is click fraud a threat to your business?

If you work in online marketing or regularly run pay per click campaigns, you’ve probably heard the term click fraud or ad fraud. Google uses the term ‘invalid clicks’ to refer to the practice of automated or non-genuine clicks on paid advertising links, but what really constitutes click fraud? And is it really that big of a deal to your business and your marketing budget?

Simply put, click fraud is the practice of clicking on paid ads with the sole intention of depleting or diverting the budget of the advertiser. It could be a disgruntled competitor who knows how much you pay per click and wants to hit you where it hurts (in the wallet), or it could be a shady network of criminals running multiple websites designed to channel those advertising dollars into their own accounts.

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Oliver Lynch is a freelance copywriter, marketer, and PR provider.

Does click fraud really happen?

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