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OLED TVs are still amazingly cheap for Cyber Monday – is now the time to buy?

Are you still holding out on a new TV? With so many Cyber Monday TV deals still going, there's certainly plenty of choice, but you may be thinking you want to wait another year or so until the sets are smarter, the displays are sharper, and the prices on those coveted OLED TVs are even lower.

You're not wrong, either. Each of the major TV brands will bring out incrementally better sets every year, while increased production of OLED panels is set to see prices drop steadily over the coming years.

However, Cyber Monday is a unique time, in that sets often start selling for prices far below their RRP, and while you don't need to buy an OLED TV until you're ready to upgrade, now is certainly a smart time to buy if you're considering it.

The OLED TV deals below are some of the best prices we've ever seen on these high-end sets, with offerings from Panasonic, Sony, and (of course) LG. With the enhanced contrast, incredible brightness control, accurate colors, and deep blacks that OLED panels are known for, these discounts couldn't be more welcome.

Keep in mind that these discounts could disappear at any time – like the Black Friday discount on the Hisense O8B, which is back to its normal price – though some may linger for a few days yet.

We've listed the best UK OLED TV deals below, with prices for sets in other regions at the end of the article.

Our pick of OLED TV deals this Cyber Monday

LG C9 OLED | 4K | 65-inch: £2,799 £1,899 at Currys
Does anything beat the C9? LG's 2019 OLED TV offers startling picture quality, a zippy smart platform, and capable sound beyond anything at this price point. Now only £1,899.View Deal

LG B9 55-inch OLED TV: £1,299 £1,099 at Currys
LG's budget OLED TV takes a hit on picture processing to lower the cost, and the result is just about worth the compromise. It comes with 4K resolution, HDR, Dolby Vision, and 2.2 channel audio.View Deal

Panasonic 55-inch 4K OLED TV: £1,999 £1,699 at John Lewis
This Panasonic 4K TV is exclusive to John Lewis, so if you want this high-end screen you'll have to buy it from here. With a slew of great features including Dolby Atmos sound and Ultra HD Premium certification, it's definitely worth checking out.
View Deal

LG W9 OLED | 65-inch | 4K TV: £5,999 £3,999 at John Lewis
If you need a huge 65-inch TV – and one with an OLED panel – you're going to end up paying a lot, but this £2,000 discount should make it a bit less painful. With John Lewis' five-year guarantee, your big purchase will be sure to last you a long time too.View Deal

Sony Bravia 55-inch 4K OLED TV: £1,799 £1,299 at John Lewis
The biggest saving on a John Lewis TV deal is £500 off a giant 4K Ultra HD Android TV from Sony, one of the biggest TV manufacturers. That's more than 25% off, a great deal for people who want a new high-end TV.
View Deal

If you're not in the UK, you can see today's best deals on OLED TVs in your region below:

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