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Our first photos with the insane 108MP camera sensor from Samsung and Xiaomi

108 megapixels on a smartphone camera? Sounds crazy, I know, but that's precisely the number of megapixels I've been carrying in my pocket for the past few days. The phone I've been using is the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, packing a jaw-dropping 108MP camera sensor. That's the largest in both physical size and megapixel count on any phone today. 

This sensor, announced earlier this year, is the product of a collaboration between Samsung and Xiaomi and it has been developed with top-notch image quality in mind. It is made to take sharper photos in daylight thanks to the massive number of megapixels and brighter shots in the dark by merging data from four pixels into one. 

And while the Mi Note 10 is the first phone to have a 108MP camera, it certainly won't be the last. Rumor has it that a version of this sensor will be found on a Samsung Galaxy S11 model. Of course, I don't have a Galaxy S11 on me right now – and even if I did, I wouldn't have been allowed to tell you. But I can show you some of the photos that I've taken with the Mi Note 10. 

Note that the Mi Note 10 takes 27MP photos by default; however, the samples below are either full-resolution 108MP photos (that might take a while to load), or scaled-down versions with 100% zoom crops that will load up more quickly as you browse through the gallery below.  

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