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Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020 - CYBER MONDAY OFFER - Last chance to save BIG | Pocket Gamer.biz

Did you miss out on our Black Friday offer last week?


But never mind! It is with great pleasure that we can announce... the Cyber Monday offer!

It's very closely related to Black Friday's deal. In fact, it's the same. You missed nothing! Huzzah!

You can still save up to $675 on the price of your ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects London.

Using code CyberMonday2019 grants a smashing 20% discount that could save up to $500 on the price of your tickets. And in a double dose of generosity, this offer also stacks on top of our Mid Term prices and another saving of up to $175.

That's a total discount of up to $675!

Don't miss out again - treat yourself to Europe’s biggest B2B mobile games industry conference and feel cyber-smug with your savings.

Engage Cyber Monday smug mode now!

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