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Samsung sells Galaxy S10 and Note 10-series devices with up to $500 in credit for Cyber Monday

With Black Friday in the rearview mirror, it's finally time to... save some more money on killer Cyber Monday deals available at most major US retailers, mobile device manufacturers, and wireless service providers. 
To be clear, though, you can't actually lower the price of the flagship device you need to buy to qualify for this sweet Cyber Monday promo. But you can pay full price for, say, a Galaxy Note 10+ and get a second unit at a massive $500 off at the same time. The Note 10, Note 10+, Note 10+ 5G, S10, S10+, and S10 5G are all eligible for the full 500 bucks in samsung.com credit, while the Galaxy S10e only comes with a complimentary $350 to use for a different purchase.

Both unlocked and carrier-specific variants of all the aforementioned phones are included in Samsung's top Cyber Monday deal, which is only available today, December 2. Obviously, Galaxy S10 and Note 10-series devices are no longer bundled with free true wireless Galaxy Buds, but believe it or not, this extraordinary new special offer can be combined with those already insane trade-in discounts. 

In other words, you can get a Galaxy Note 10, for instance, starting at $610 or a Note 10+ for as little as $760 with $500 in instant Samsung credit included at no extra cost. If you're in the market for two phones or any combination of a phone and tablet, smartwatch, or a bunch of accessories, this is arguably an even better deal than the outright $400 Note 10+ discount offered by Microsoft on eBay yesterday.

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