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These exclusive phone deals are just £20/pm - Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Google

Now that the £1,000+ price tag on phones is becoming more common, the search for the elusive cheap phone contract is quickly turning into more of a challenge. But, luckily for anyone trying to land some cheap bills with their phone, we're here to help.

While Black Friday is well and truly wrapped up for the year, there are still a few nuggets of affordability floating around, promising to offer you a bargain well into December.

Included in this collection of leftover offers is a set of mobile phone deals completely exclusive to TechRadar readers. That exclusivity knocks down the upfront cost on all of these offers and pairs it with just £20 a month.

And despite that exceptionally low price tag, these are all offers on some pretty strong handsets. The kings of the mid-range department are all here, including the vintage iPhone 7 and 2019's Huawei P30, Google Pixel 3a and Samsung Galaxy A70.

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