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This is your last chance to bag a £13.99 per month broadband deal this year

We love to watch the competition that goes on between internet providers around Cyber Monday - that's because it means we get to save a LOT of money on our broadband deals.

And one broadband deal has risen above the rest for sheer value. It's none other than Onestream - the ISP that has, for the second year running, taken the title of cheapest provider. At £13.99 a month for the next year, nobody else gets close to this plan. And when you consider that that's for fibre broadband, the news only gets better.

Want to bag this insanely cheap broadband deal? Head on over to Onestream's website ASAP as this deal is set to expire on Monday, December 2.

With quoted average speeds of 17Mb, Onestream certainly doesn't have the quickest internet on the market and if it's seamless 4K streaming and blink-and-you'll-miss-it download speeds that you desire then we'd humbly suggest taking a look at our fibre broadband deals guide instead.

But this price is still cheaper than any cheap ADSL broadband deal in the UK, so it's still a massively impressive offer. Below we have outlined the deal and explained everything you need to know.


The UK's cheapest broadband deal in full:

Onestream Jetstream Fibre Unlimited Broadband | 12 month contract | 17Mb average speed | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £9.99 delivery | £13.99 per month
£13.99 per month is an unheard of price for (technically) fibre broadband. Yes, it only 17Mb average download speeds but you won't find broadband any cheaper than this right now - if you don't believe us check our broadband deals guide.

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How does this compare to other broadband deals?

No prizes for guessing what we love about this offer...just how darn cheap it is (even if it does just barely classify as a fibre broadband deal).

However, if you're thinking this is too slow why not consider Vodafone. This Black Friday it's offering average speeds of 35Mb for just £24/pm, and an amazing freebie of a Google Nest Hub Max smart speaker. While TalkTalk is offering super fast 63Mb fibre for only £21.95 per month.

Or if you want a hard cash freebie, BT could be the way to go. For a little extra a month you get average speeds of 50Mb. You only have to pay £28.99 a month and you get an whopping £120 Mastercard Reward card.

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