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Top Eleven 2020 now live, and José Mourinho deal extended until 2020 | Pocket Gamer.biz

Serbian developer Nordeus has announced the latest version of its football manager game Top Eleven 2020 is live. 

Available as an update to the existing game, new features include a major overhaul for the Youth Academy to give players more control over the development of young players.

Other improvements include

  • All-new 3D stadiums and supporting facilities
  • New events such as Scout with 2 Special Abilities and On Fire
  • Home screen redesign for dynamic event update, and
  • New shop and Top Eleven 2020 gifts

Nordeus has also extended its partnership with José Mourinho, which it started in 2013, through to 2022.

The now-Spurs manager features heavily in the games’ new marketing, which is labelled Be Your Own Boss feat. José Mourinho.

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