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50 top games in soft launch: From Marvel Super War | Pocket Gamer.biz

Developer: NCSoft
Where: Netherlands, Denmark. Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and Norway
Platforms: iOS and Android
Live since: September 27th, 2018
Updates: (11) August 11th, 2019

Not too long after bringing its popular franchise Lineage to mobile, the publisher has swiftly followed up with a spin-off.

Called Lineage II: Dark Legacy, it changes up its MMORPG fundamentals with an experience focused on dungeon crawling, with 100 floors to sift through for loot and plunder.

If PVP is more your speed, the RPG also comes with a siege mode where you’ll be tasked with penetrating your enemy’s defences and invading their castle.

Of course, there are customisation options available to make sure your own castle doesn’t meet such a fate, from electrifying Shock Cannons to piercing Ballistas.

War is, however, seldom won by tech alone and mercenaries will also be recruitable for your various ends, with their skills upgradable. Such fiends up for grabs include series regulars the Shillien Knight, Abyss Walker, Spellsinger and Tyrant.

The seventh update brought in a whole host of new content including a revamp on combat, a new mana system, a new Training Island chapter and a new Mercenary Codex.

The 10th update added in-game notifications for new clan member rewards, improved bug fixes surrounding downloading, party management, auto-battle and general UI issues.

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