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A new ‘calm’ setting on the 2020 Ford Explorer is a peaceful addition

Life in the digital age can be a little complex. Our phones buzz, chime, beep, and alert us at all hours of the day. We have bots that can tell us the weather but are also listening to everything we say. In a car, it’s even worse. A multitude of safety features beep to tell us we’re drifting out of the lane, and phone calls that pop up on the dash can be annoying.

And then there’s the 2020 Ford Explorer. In a recent test, I was digging through the center console settings – on a glorious new 12.3-inch screen – and I found a rather subtle option called 'calm'. There’s a similar setting on the screen above the steering wheel. While the calm option doesn’t quite do everything I want it to (yet), it is a step in the right direction.

Ford Explorer

(Image credit: Ford)

In that center console, calm turns off everything and just shows a clock on a pale blue background. It’s a way to remove distractions, including the navigation, radio, and the Apple CarPlay connection. In the screen above the steering wheel, it turns off everything except the speedometer, so you can’t see any of the safety options (although they continue to function).

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