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Daybreak Games breaks off into three studios | Pocket Gamer.biz

H1Z1 developer Daybreak Games has dismantled into three different studios.called Dimensional Ink Games, Darkpaw Games, and Rogue Planet Games.

The new offices have been formed as part of Daybreak's long term goals, each studio will have its own projects, thus giving them their own identities. Each of the three studios will be able to bring in new talent to aid in the development of both new and current games.

Get to work

First up, Darkpaw Games will have control over EverQuest - the head of the studio is Holly Longdale. Next, Dimensional Ink Games - led by Jack Emmert - will create a new title in 2020. However, the Austin based studio will also continue to work on DC Universe Online.

Lastly, San Diego based studio Rogue Planet Games will be responsible for the PlanetSide series. Executive producer Andy Sites will be in charge of the team. It was announced in December 2019 that PlanetSide Arena would be shut down.

"Crafting iconic MMORPG experiences has always been Daybreak's lifeblood. We intend to continue that legacy and grow Dimensional Ink, Darkpaw Games and Rogue Planet Games into the future," said Emmert.

"Whether it's DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest II, PlanetSide 2 or our future projects, we'll be giving players their ideal fantasy game experiences for years to come."

Long-term vision

While the split into three studios is to support the long-term vision of the company, Daybreak Games laid off a group of employees in October 2019, citing it was also for the long-term vision of the company.

Before that, 25 employees were laid off in December 2018. However, the employment terminations began in April of that year.

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