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Early pre-order movement suggests foldable Motorola Razr is selling like hotcakes

At first glance, Motorola's reborn Razr is not exactly what we'd call a value phone. The world's first vertically folding handset costs a whopping $1,500 with a decidedly mid-range Snapdragon 710 processor under the hood, as well as an arguably unimpressive 6 gigs of memory, a teeny-tiny 2,510mAh battery, and a single 16MP camera slapped on its back.
In other words, the reimagined 2020 Razr was pushed back from an initial schedule that included a December 26 pre-order start and actual January 9 release due to "unparalleled excitement and interest from consumers." If you thought that was an excuse meant to conceal some sort of early production issues or further build buzz ahead of a revised launch, we now have concrete evidence supporting Motorola's pompous statements.
Finally up for pre-order beginning just a few days ago, the foldable Motorola Razr can already no longer be purchased online from its exclusive US carrier. If you're not willing to wait until February 6 for inventory to arrive in brick and mortar Verizon stores, you can still pre-order the "totally re-invented" flip phone on Motorola.com. But the US-based handset vendor doesn't expect to be able to fulfil new orders earlier than February 18.

Last but certainly not least, the Verizon-only Razr is listed as available on Walmart's official website at the time of this writing for upgrading customers of the nation's number one wireless service provider with a February 10 delivery estimate. Keep in mind that the phone has yet to be released via other US retail channels and Motorola hasn't offered any international availability details either.

Naturally, we have no idea how many units may have been pre-ordered stateside to date, but clearly, consumer interest is pretty high despite the objectively mediocre quality/price ratio of Motorola's first foldable smartphone and the arguably superior value for money expected to be delivered by Samsung's sophomore effort in just a few weeks.

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