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Get a 512GB storage Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal for the price of 128GB right now

Last week, Samsung made the Galaxy S10 Plus even more desirable than it already is by offering up a freebie smartwatch. While that promotion has now come to an end, an equally tantalising one has stepped up to take its place.

From a select few retailers, you can currently get Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deals in their largest storage form, 512GB, for the price of a regular deal at 128GB. Normally, this upgrade would leave you with some monstrous bills but right now it is essentially a free upgrade.

The tariff in question looks like this - no upfront costs, just £41 a month, 75GB of data, all of the benefits of being on EE - the UK's fastest 4G network and obviously, 512GB of storage.

Interested? We've listed all of the details of this plan below. Two retailers are clashing to offer you this so choose the one that works best for you - Fonehouse or Chitter Chatter.

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This 512GB storage Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal:

What is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus like?

Samsung's greatest 2019 handset, the S10 Plus is about as good as phones come right now - it's gone straight to the top of our best smartphone chart. The S10 Plus has a beautiful infinity-O display, in-screen fingerprint scanner, strong battery life and a powerful processor. But obviously with all of these features comes a big price, which is where these affordable offers come into play. 

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