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If you hurry, you can get two Google Nest Hub units for less than the price of one

Priced at $149 back when it made its commercial debut under the Home Hub name, Google's first-ever in-house smart display was rebranded last year as the Nest Hub and permanently discounted to $129. But you can routinely find the 7-inch device listed at 30 bucks less than that on the search giant's official US website, as well as if you purchase it from various authorized third-party retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, or Target.
For an extremely limited time, you can even pay as little as a single Benjamin for two different Google Nest Hub units, the only condition being you need to choose the same color for both heavily marked-down products. That means you either go for a Charcoal or Chalk 2-pack, and you merely have until the end of the day to take advantage of this rare 24-hour-only Best Buy promotion.
All in all, you're looking at saving a whopping 160 bucks here, not to mention you can buy not one, but two Nest Hubs all of a sudden for the reduced price of a single Amazon Echo Show 8 unit. The Nest Hub still sports a slightly smaller screen than its arch-rival, but at least it can show you all the YouTube content you might need in the kitchen or bedroom without any restrictions or effort on your part whatsoever.

The 7-inch touchscreen is also capable of providing visual feedback for many types of queries leveraging Google's search expertise and AI skills, while the smart display's built-in voice assistant can pick up your commands from a distance to control various smart home accessories, stream music, organize your day, set alarms, and perform many other useful tasks. 

At $99.99 for a solo device, the Google Nest Hub is perhaps no longer what we'd call a must-buy, but at $99.99 for a two-pack, this bad boy becomes an outright steal when you also consider stuff like its "full range" speaker, which was found to get decently loud in our in-depth review, and intuitive UI for smart device and Chromecast speaker control, also according to our rigorous review from more than a year ago. 

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