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OPPO F15: A brilliant choice for tech-savvy millennials

In this era of convergence of technology, the smartphone industry has been witnessing a boom, as we are rarely out of something new in terms of hardware and software. There are numerous players in the market, but only a few have managed to maintain a perfect balance between top-end hardware tuned to support a smooth software experience, and OPPO is one of the major manufacturers that have been reasonably consistent with the design, experience, and pricing of their product.

OPPO recently launched F15 in India, which is also the first phone from the company in 2020. The OPPO F15 makes up for a tempting option for its price, more so, because it ticks all the checkboxes that a youngster looks for in a phone. 

(Image credit: Oppo)

The first thing that makes it an alluring device for the youth is its beautiful 7.9mm sleek and lightweight. While it’s slim, it weighs just 172 grams making it very comfortable to grab in your palm. Even if you’re wearing a fitted trouser, this won’t add much bulge to your pockets. Not just that, it looks stunning and feels very comfortable to use with one hand. Its back panel has a gradient finish and the color shift looks very elegant. 

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