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Report: Disney to shutter FoxNext-owned Fogbank Entertainment | Pocket Gamer.biz

Disney is reportedly shutting down the FoxNext-owned mobile studio Fogbank Entertainment following Scopely's acquisition of other FoxNext studios.

As reported by GamesBeat, it is estimated that 60 jobs will be affected by the studio's closure. One source claims that severance packages are being provided, but there are no plans for employees to be folded into FoxNext Games.

Storyscape's official Twitter account also announced on January 25th 2020 that the game is closing down. IAPs have been disabled, the game appears to have been pulled from stores, and a permanent shutdown is set to occur on February 3rd, just one week from today.

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Fogbank Entertainment was opened by FoxNext in March 2018, and released one game in October 2019, Storyscape, a narrative-led title in the same vein as Episodes. Sensor Tower indicates that Storyscape had secured just 1.7 million downloads since launch.

Scopely acquired FoxNext's LA studio and subsidiary Cold Iron Studios on January 23rd 2020 for an undisclosed sum. Fogbank was not included in the sale, hence why Disney is making the decision on its closure.

Rumours had been circulating in September 2019 that Disney was looking to sell off FoxNext as CEO Bob Iger was not interested in creating video games.

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