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Resident Evil 8 May be First-Person Again, Chris, Ethan, and Traditional Zombies Returning

Recently, we brought you some new rumors about Resident Evil 8, specifically, that development had been rebooted at some point and the finished game was probably “years away.” Well, apparently, Capcom just can’t keep a lid on RE8, because another set of more specific rumors about the game’s story and features has begun making the rounds.

These rumors come courtesy of Biohazard Declassified, which received an email from a person with an address similar to someone who accurately leaked RE details in the past. Noted insider Nibel has also vouched for the information. That said, as always, you should take these rumors with a grain of salt.

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It sounds like Resident Evil 8 will be a fairly direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, with both Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield returning in some capacity. First-person-style gameplay will return, but the setting will be new, with players apparently beginning the game in a European-style village, then making their way toward a castle, passing through snowy, mountainous environments on the way. Traditional zombies will return (as opposed to the “Molded” from RE7) and players will also face wolf-like enemies and a reoccurring shadowy female-shaped entity that will dissolve, but not die permanently, if shot.

Sounds interesting! The village, castle, and European setting are all giving me pretty strong Resident Evil 4 vibes. Of course, the snow and return of zombies would be new. Also, who might that mysterious shadowy enemy be? Could Eveline from RE7 be returning in some form? Now, keep in mind, if our previous report about RE8 being rebooted is true, a lot of these details could change, if they haven’t changed already. Apparently, these details are from a test of RE8 held last year, while the previous rumors claimed the current version of the game only started development about six months ago. So, we shall see.

What do you think? Do these latest Resident Evil 8 rumors seem plausible to you? Assuming they’re the real deal, do you like what you’re hearing?


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