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ROI in cybersecurity | TechRadar

Specifying cybersecurity investment is no easy task. CISOs face an escalating threat environment, an increasingly saturated security provider market, and budgets that never stretch far enough. When it comes to pitching for additional budget, the situation is made more difficult due to the inherent challenges in proving ROI of cybersecurity spend. It is rather like selling insurance: CISOs must try to put a value on what hasn’t happened – the breaches and disruptions that their strategy will prevent.

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Ian Schenkel, VP EMEA, Flashpoint.

While it is far easier to justify security investment in the wake of a costly breach, it’s not possible and definitely not desirable to run a security programme on an entirely reactive basis. So, what can CISOs do to make the case for proactive investment and get buy-in from budget holders?

Assemble the evidence to build a coherent business case

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