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Samsung TV sales: Samsung drops a ton of new deals ahead of Super Bowl 54

If you're after Samsung TV sales, there are two VERY good times to buy a new TV: Black Friday and Super Bowl Sunday. That being said, while there are a number of great Super Bowl TV deals going on for the big game this week, Samsung's newly announced crop of TV sales are arguably the best we’re going to see.

Among the screens slated to get a discount are the entry-level Samsung Q60R QLED TV that starts at just $499 (£599, around AU$740) and the high-end Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV that’s on sale for $1,300 off its regular price in the US. It’s not uncommon for Samsung to knock $500 off its lowest-end QLED TV - it did something similar for its Q6FN model last year - but that 8K QLED TV usually costs close to $4,000 so getting it on sale for $2,199 is actually a great deal.

Samsung 43-inch Q60R QLED TV: $799 $499 at Amazon
If you're looking to kick-off your Super Bowl party with a new Samsung QLED TV - but still want some money left in the budget to buy chips and dip - check out the entry-level Samsung Q60R QLED TV that's on sale this week for under $500. View Deal

Samsung 55-inch Q900R QLED TV: $3,499 $2,197 at Walmart
Ready to go all-out on your next TV purchase? Leap ahead of your neighbors with this Q900R QLED TV (a TechRadar award-winner) that's on sale this week for the Super Bowl. Not only does it rock the higher resolution, but with more local dimming zones and higher peak brightness, this TV is the superstar screen your living room deserves.View Deal

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