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The 10 best sci-fi shows and movies on Hulu you can stream right now

Best Sci Fi Hulu featured

Hulu has slowly expanded its catalog, which is good news for fans of sci-fi movies and shows. The streaming service used to be just a more affordable Netflix, but nowadays Hulu Original shows have largely leveled the playing field, and it seems to get new movies in a much more timely fashion. When it comes to sci-fi on Hulu, there are a lot of options. From classic sci-fi movies to award-winning Hulu Original shows, there are more than enough options to get your science fiction fix.

We’ve split the list into the best sci-fi shows and the best sci-fi movies on Hulu. You’re sure to find something to watch, so keep on reading!

Editor’s note: This list will be updated as sci-fi movies and shows leave and other new arrivals make their debut on Hulu.

Best sci-fi shows on Hulu

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

handmaid's tale best sci fi shows hulu

This Hulu Original is not only one of its best, but also one of its most successful. The first season of the Handmaid’s Tale won eight Primetime Emmys and several Golden Globe awards, and in many ways was the first show to put Hulu Originals on the radar. Season three began in June 2019.

The show takes place in a dystopian near-future New England, where ultra conservative religious leaders have taken over. Women’s rights have been erased, and their role in society reduced to that of Marthas, who do typical house chores, and handmaids, whose only purpose is to bear children for their masters. It’s based on the classic 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood, and it strays far from standard genre tropes, making it one of the best sci-fi shows on Hulu.

2. Firefly


If you’re looking for more standard science fiction action, Joss Whedon’s Firefly will be right up your alley. If you haven’t already seen it, the 2002 space cowboy western can be streamed in its entirety on Hulu. It was unceremoniously canceled in its first season, but it remains a fan favorite. The movie, Serenity, can also be streamed on Hulu and ties up some loose ends from the series.

Firefly follows of crew of captain Mal Reynolds aboard a Firefly-class spaceship. Unlike other shows in the genre, it takes place in a multicultural future, where Eastern and Western cultures intertwine. Significant disparities between the rich and the poor still exist, and the decision to focus on the latter makes it all the more interesting.

3. 11.22.63

112263 best sci fi shows hulu

James Franco stars in yet another Hulu Original sci-fi series, this time based on a Stephen King novel by the same name. The show unfolds over eight episodes, all of which are available for streaming now on Hulu.

11.22.63, as the name implies, centers around the assassination of JFK. An ordinary high school teacher is tasked with traveling back in time to prevent the murder from taking place, which proves more difficult than he could imagine.

4. Stargate SG-1

stargate sg1 best sci fi shows hulu

If you’re looking for a sci-fi show on Hulu to binge watch, Stargate SG-1 is a great option. With all 10 seasons and 214 episodes available, you should have more than enough content to keep you busy.

Stargate SG-1 is about an alien technology called a Stargate, which can travel to unknown regions of space. Most alien species are less than friendly, so the entire operation is run by the United States government and Air Force. Ancient Egyptian themes are found throughout this classic sci-fi series.

5. 12 Monkeys (series)

12 monkeys best sci fi shows hulu

Loosely based on the 1995 movie, 12 Monkeys is a science fiction show that originally aired on the SyFy network. All four seasons and 47 episodes are available now on Hulu.

The series focuses on two strangers who are tasked to travel back in time to stop a cataclysmic event. A deadly plague will wipe out more than 90 percent of the planet unless they can stop it in time.

Best sci-fi movies on Hulu

1. Annihilation

Annihilation best sci fi movies hulu

We kick off our list of the best sci-fi movies on Hulu with this 2018 film starring Natalie Portman. Annihilation might have been a box office flop, but it’s still a great film.

The movie follows biologist and military veteran Lena as she is assigned to explore a mysterious anomaly called the Shimmer. Inside, animals and other life have rapidly mutated into terrible beasts. The area grows larger every day, threatening to engulf nearby towns and cities unless her team can find a way to stop it.

2. Akira

Akira best sci fi movies hulu

Akira is one of the most famous animated movies of all time, and for good reason. This cyberpunk sci-fi action film was first released in 1988 and has proved hugely influential on the genre ever since.

Set in the distant future of 2019 (ok, maybe not so distant), Akira follows the story of Kaneda, the leader of a local biker gang. When one of his friends suddenly gains telepathic powers, it’s up to Kaneda to protect him from government forces that want to take advantage of his supernatural abilities, and to protect him from himself.

3. Brightburn

Brightburn Hulu image

When you think of a kid from another planet crashing onto earth, a very specific hero comes to mind. This is not Superman’s story, though. In this film, the alien has evil inside him, and it is itching to come out.

The story takes place in a small town named Brightburn, Kansas. The couple who discovered the crash (and the kid inside the ship) plan to lead a normal life with their child, but problems arise as Brandon grows. Now the family and town must deal with a new menace.

4. 28 Days Later

28 days later movie

This sci-fi movie on Hulu is one of the best zombie movies you can find. A group of animal rights activists breaks into a scientific lab where animal experiments are common. Despite being warned by the scientists, these activists soon find liberating these animals was a horrible mistake, as they carry a virus that causes “rage.”

London (and maybe the rest of the world) gets infested with zombies. A guy named Jim awakes from a coma 28 days later only to find the city completely worn down and empty. He is saved by other survivors, who take him on an adventure that will put their wits, survival abilities, and trust to the test.

5. Aquaman

Aquaman movie featured image

Jason Momoa stars in the sci-fi movie Aquaman as Arthur Curry, but his identity is not as clear in the film. He discovers he is only half human. The other half? From Atlantis! Not only that, but he is the rightful heir to be king.

In his quest he will discover if he is worthy of such title. Of course, he has enemies willing to do whatever it takes to stop him. This movie is jam packed with action and a healthy amount of Momoa’s jaw-dropping poses. If you are watching this movie for the story, it is pretty great too!

That’s it for our list of the best sci-fi on Hulu! We’ll update this post with new movies and shows once they launch on the streaming network.

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