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The Samsung Galaxy S20 is probably coming out on March 6

While we’re eagerly awaiting the Samsung Galaxy S20’s launch at the Unpacked event on February 11, we might know the release date for the flagship smartphone thanks to Samsung itself. 

Right now, you can go on the Samsung website and reserve one of the new flagship smartphones - and if you do, it tells you to watch for an email to complete the preorder for a March 6 delivery, as SamMobile first spotted.

Here, see for yourself:

(Image credit: Samsung)

Yes, that’s the date in bold. Heck, it’s even in another place on the same reservation confirmation page. 

(Image credit: Samsung)

And it only makes sense that the shipping and delivery date is the same as the proper release date, to ensure everyone gets their hands on the flagship phone at the same time. It also matches a leak earlier today that noted the S20 line would "likely be available first Friday of March," which is March 6

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Not much to say, is there?

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