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Who is your go-to phone case manufacturer? (Poll of the Week)

samsung galaxy note 10 plus star wars edition leather case 4

Buying a new phone case is a necessity when you get a new smartphone. It’s also a good way to spice up your current phone if your setup has remained unchanged for a little while.

Whenever I buy a new phone, I find myself looking at the same case makers. I try to stay away from no-name brands or cases that seem to rise up the ranks of Amazon just because they’re cheap. Recently, I’ve been liking Speck’s Presidio Grip series for the Pixel 4 XL. Otterbox’s Symmetry cases have always treated me well, too, as have Google’s first-party fabric cases.

There are seemingly endless case makers out there, so I want to hear from you. Which is your go-to case maker when buying a new smartphone case? Spigen, Tech21, first-party, or something else?

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