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$1,400 for the Galaxy S20 Ultra: yay or nay?

So, a new rumor dropped today and we allegedly know the prices of the upcoming Galaxy S20 phones. These will be $999 for the S20, $1,199 for the S20+ and — wait for it — $1,399 for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is all for the 5G variants and, allegedly, there will be no 4G models released in the US. So, basically, these are the Galaxy S20 phones, period.Now, we did expect the S20 Ultra to be on the expensive side — it's rumored to be a beast of a phone with a ton of improvements, especially when it comes to its cameras and battery life. But is $1,400 pushing it?

For comparison's sake, the Galaxy Note 10+ 512 GB variant started at $1,199, the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G edition was $1,299. In other words, it seems Samsung is not done with the price inflations — not yet. When will it end? Probably when customers push back.

That said, are you getting ready to cough up $1,400 for the big, bad Galaxy S20 Ultra or are you already planning to settle for less?

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