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48 hours with the Motorola Razr: our first two days with the new foldable phone

The Motorola Razr 2019 impressed us with its audacious return to flip phone functionality - but after our brief first look, we were left with plenty of questions that could only be answered with a proper review. We’ve finally gotten our hands on the phone again, so here’s what we’ve found after a weekend with the world’s second major and widely available foldable - and first to sport a clamshell design.

The first thing to note is how easily the Razr melds into a pocket. Folded closed, it takes up half the footprint of a typical smartphone - and even if it’s a bit thicker, the Razr fits so well next to the rest of the items filling our pocket (keys, wallet, AirPods Pro case) that we occasionally forgot it was in there. That happened this weekend, even while helping move a friend into a new apartment - the Razr can, and likely will, disappear into a pocket.

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