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All the Galaxy S20, S20+ and Ultra launch colors, cosmic and cloudy

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra colors at launch: Cosmic Black and Cosmic Grey
  • Galaxy S20+ colors at launch: Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black and Cosmic Grey
  • Galaxy S20 colors at launch: Cloud Blue, Cosmic Grey and Cloud Pink
The snazzy new Galaxy S20 series will have a brand new design. On the back. At the camera area. The rest, however, will also receive a facelift - from the shave-off top and bottom bezels, through the gently curved display sides, to the eventual steel framing. The body colors, however, are the ones that will catch your attention first, this is why we are rounding up all the hues that the Galaxy S20, S20+ and Ultra will be arriving in. 
With the Galaxy S10 family, for instance, Samsung introduced a new gamut "of futuristic, radical magical colors." While we won't go as far, as the hues are a derivative of what we've seen so far but the new twist was a nano-laminated film, for "incredible prismatic colors that catch the light in a stunning way, making each color option dynamic." 

This one we can totally agree with, and we welcomed Samsung to the world of shimmering, gradient phone bodies with open arms then. So, what will be replacing the Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, and Prism Blue. No, not the S10e's Canary Yellow, or the S10 5G's Royal Gold.

The color palette that the S20 series will start you with is a bit more restricted, but Samsung keeps churning out new colors after the release, so don't despair if you don't see yours at launch.

Galaxy S20 and 20+ colors

From what we have seen so far, the Galaxy S20 will be coming in graphite grey, light blue and rose pink, and these differ from the leaked S20+ set of black, grey and blue. Actually, this time around Samsung calls them Cosmic Black and Cosmic Grey, as well as Cloud Blue and Cloud Pink, in sync with the new space theme it will introduce with the S20 Ultra camera. 

After all, the camera is codenamed "Hubble" internally, hinting at some interstellar magnification abilities, and indeed the Ultra shows the recently trademarked phrase "Space Zoom" that denotes the 100x close-ups you will be able to shoot with it.

It's a storied tradition to out the smallest, most affordable member of a smartphone series in the richest variety of flashy colors, as it is usually the one getting the most sales, despite everybody lusting after its larger brethren. 

If you want somber aesthetic, the S20+ will do. Hot pink? Get the "little" 6.2" guy. Given that Samsung's official cases for the phones below are showing a variety of other colors as well, we'd wager to guess that Samsung may have more color aces up its sleeve upon launch, or shortly thereafter.

Galaxy S20 Ultra colors

Will there be a Ceramic version of the most expensive S-series phone to date? We know that's your pressing question when you learned that this puppy will start way north of 13 Benjamins, but for now mum's the word.

The S20 Ultra, on the other hand, will for sure come in black and grey colors, as, let's face it, a Canary Yellow edition would ruin its Speczilla street cred in no time. While we haven't seen the black version in the flesh just yet, it just leaked on a poster. 

The grey one, however, has reared its largish head more than a few times already, complete with the aesthetic two-tone hue of the camera island on the back that screams "100x Space Zoom" to you. Which one is your fav?


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