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All the rumors and everything we know so far (Updated)

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The Poco X2 is tipped to be a rebadged Redmi K30 (above).

Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 took the world by storm back in 2018, redefining what an affordable flagship smartphone could be. The success of the phone seemingly took the company by surprise, as it failed to offer a follow-up in 2019.

Now back as an independent brand, the Pocophone lineage is set to continue for the India market. The first phone to come from the Xiaomi-less Poco is expected to be the Poco X2, and it looks like it could deliver an affordable proposition.

Here’s what we’re expecting from the Poco X2.

Poco X2 name and release date

Early speculation was that the next Poco device would be the Poco F2. This doesn’t seem to be the case though, as the brand has confirmed that the upcoming handset is actually the Poco X2.

The brand hasn’t explained why it isn’t cashing in on the F1’s popularity for its first solo act, but a look at the early spec sheet (more on that in a bit) suggests it’s because it isn’t intended as a Poco F1 successor.

We do have a reveal date though, scheduled for Tuesday February 4 in India. We can likely expect sales to begin a couple of weeks after the unveiling.


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All signs point to the Poco X2 being a rebranded version of the Redmi K30 4G (seen above). In fact, a listing for a Poco device on India’s BIS certification website shows that it has the same model number as the Redmi K30 4G.

Poco India posted additional teasers for the Poco X2 on its Twitter account in late January. One video teaser more or less confirms existing rumors that the phone is a Redmi K30 disguised in Poco branding. More specifically, we can make out what appears to be a side-mounted fingerprint scanner (teased in another post too) and that distinctive camera housing. Check out the video teaser below.

We don’t get a good look at the front of the phone in the above teaser though. But you can likely also expect a phone with a pill-shaped punch-hole cutout housing two selfie cameras.

The apparent Poco X2 via the Xiaomishka Twitter account.Twitter.com/Xiaomishka

An “unofficial” and somewhat questionable image has also surfaced via the Hindustan Times and Xiaomishka Twitter account (seen above). This picture purportedly shows the Poco X2, and it once again looks like a Redmi K30 clone.

Poco X2 specs

A Snapdragon teaser on the Pocophone website.Pocophone

The Pocophone F1 made a big splash thanks to its Snapdragon 845 chipset, being one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) phone with this flagship processor. Unfortunately, all signs point to the Poco X2 not quite reaching flagship status in this area.

Given the expectation that the Poco is a rebranded Redmi K30 4G, that means we’re looking at a phone with a Snapdragon 730G processor. This chipset is aimed at the upper mid-range of the market, appearing on the Mi Note 10 and Realme X2.

This processor should be fine for the vast majority of users’ needs, but people expecting a true Pocophone F1 successor in this regard are going to be disappointed. In any event, the firm says the new phone will also sport an “advanced cooling system.”

Otherwise, the Pocophone device is tipped to start at 6GB/64GB, but we’re definitely expecting more RAM and storage variants.


Hoping for an OLED screen? Well, the Redmi K30 4G has a 6.67-inch LCD panel with a pill-shaped punch-hole cutout, so we’re expecting this on the Poco X2 as well.

The Xiaomi-affiliated brand has confirmed that the new phone has a 120Hz refresh rate (much like the K30), which means you should expect smooth animations when scrolling through pages, navigating system menus, and playing supported games. Our only concern is that the Snapdragon 730G might not have the grunt to regularly hit that 120Hz limit.

There aren’t any LCD-equipped smartphones with an in-display fingerprint sensor just yet, so we’re guessing the Poco X2 will offer a side-mounted scanner like the Redmi device.

Poco X2 cameras

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The Poco X2 is believed to offer a 64MP main camera, with the Poco website teasing a 64MP IMX686 sensor. Once again, this is in line with the Redmi K30 4G’s primary camera.

So it stands to reason that the Poco X2 will retain the K30’s quad rear camera setup then (seen above), also featuring an 8MP ultra-wide camera, 2MP macro shooter, and 2MP depth sensor. The K30 delivered a 20MP+2MP selfie camera duo too, so don’t be surprised to see it on the Poco X2. Either way, you might not want to hold your breath for a telephoto or periscope camera here.


Xiaomi has built a reputation in recent years for bringing big batteries to their phones (with the exception of the Mi flagships), and it looks like the Poco X2 won’t be an exception.

Poco has already confirmed that the X2 will tout 27W wired charging. It’s also uploaded a video showing the phone charging to 40% in 25 minutes. This figure isn’t particularly noteworthy unless the battery is quite big to begin with.

The Redmi K30 4G has a 4,500mAh battery so we have to assume that the Poco X2 will have the same capacity then. And with the K30 hitting 100% juice in 68 minutes, it might be the same case for the Poco device.

Other features

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Teaser images on Flipkart’s website show that the Poco X2 could pack a headphone port, so you probably won’t need to use a dongle or resort to Bluetooth then. The retailer has noted that the pictures are only for “representation,” but it would be silly to include a headphone port in teaser images and then remove it from the final product.

The Redmi K30 4G also offers NFC, an IR blaster, Hi-Res Audio branding, and hybrid SIM slots too. So it’s a safe bet that all or most of these elements will be present on the new device.

Price and availability

This is the big question, isn’t it? The Pocophone F1’s selling point was that you got flagship-level specs (for the most part) for ~$300. So what does that mean for the X2?

The somewhat questionable Hindustan Times and Xiaomishka leak notes that the Poco X2 will start at 18,999 rupees (~$265) for the 6GB/64GB option. This would be a pretty competitive price if confirmed, as you’re getting a 120Hz screen and a pretty powerful processor. It also seems like a sensible price, as any higher and it starts to encroach on the Pocophone F1 launch price.

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At this apparent price-point, the Poco X2 would be going up against the Snapdragon 730G-equipped Realme X2 (~$240 for 4GB/64GB).

There’s no word on pricing or availability outside India, but hopefully Xiaomi brings the Poco X2 or Redmi K30 4G to other markets as well. The newly established brand has been coy on global sales, noting recently that it would focus on India as a primary market and consider a broader launch at a later date.

What do you make of the Poco X2 thus far? Sound off in the comments section below.

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