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Amazon and NVIDIA pull out of MWC 2020 due to coronavirus concerns

The coronavirus outbreak continues to affect the tech industry in ways that we wouldn't think it would be possible. With Mobile World Congress 2020 just around the corner, many big companies that usually attend the event announced they are pulling out from the trade fair due to coronavirus concerns.After LG, ZTE and Ericsson, Amazon, and NVIDIA are the latest big names that will not be present at Mobile World Congress this year. NVIDIA issued a statement informing GSMA that it will not be sending its employees to MWC 2020.
Furthermore, Spanish media outlets, including El Mundo (via Reuters), report Amazon confirmed it will not be present at Mobile World Congress 2020 “due to the outbreak and continuing concerns about the new coronavirus.”

Meanwhile, GSM Associations announced early today that despite all that, it will go ahead with the trade fair. However, given the fact that many companies will no longer be present at the event, GSMA expects up to 6,000 fewer attendees from China.

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