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Azerion fully acquires Spil Games | Pocket Gamer.biz

Tech company Azerion has fully acquired Hilversum based publisher Spil Games.

Last year, Azerion purchased the mobile division of Spil Games and a 5 per cent share in its portal business. The final purchase brings the Dutch company fully into its fellow Netherlands based firm.

On average, 60 million people use Spil Games' online games portals - these include agame.com, gamesgames.com and mousebreaker.com.

Azerion's company Game Distribution - which gives publishers content and revenue opportunities - will add over 15,000 Spil Games to its library. The company's games will also find their way to Spil Games' portals.

Continued growth

"This acquisition is an excellent fit for our high-speed growth strategy," said Azerion executive vice president of content and strategic partnerships Erol Erturk.

"Spil Games enriches the reach, monetisation and content aspects of our business."

Erturk will take over the running of Spil Games' portals.

As of March 2018, Spil Games had accumulated more than 300 million downloads on mobile. Last year, Azerion acquired kids MMO Woozworld.

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