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Batman Arkham New Game Leaked Art Showcases Batcycle

The next entry in the Batman Arkham series may be going to feature the Batcycle, among other vehicles, according to a new leak that has surfaced online.

The new leaked concept art for the Batcycle was originally created for the Damian Wayne game that is rumored to have been canceled a while back. Many of the features created for the canceled game, according to the leak, will make it into the new Batman Arkham game, and the Batcycle is likely going to be among them.

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Yesterday, we learned that the next Batman Arkham game will be a soft reboot of the whole series, and it will mark the launch of a bigger DC Game Universe. According to rumors, a next-gen Superman game is in development, alongside another DC game, which is in development by Rocksteady, the team behind Batman Arkham Asylum and its direct sequels.

The new Batman game will kick off a new, somewhat cohesive DC Game Universe. Shortly after it’s release this Fall, it will be followed up by a next-gen DC game from the creators of the Batman: Arkham franchise, Rocksteady Studios. The roadmap from there is foggy; sources have said that a next-gen Superman game (NOT ROCKSTEADY) is also in the works at WB, but nothing confirmed yet.

The next Batman Arkham game has yet to be officially announce3d. We will keep you updated on the game as soon as more come in on t, so stay tuned for all the latest news.


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