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BioShock 2 came out 10 years ago: was its multiplayer really that bad?

Although not as widely-discussed as the other entries, BioShock 2 is perhaps the most intricate and fascinating of the BioShock series thus far, presenting a nuanced, sociological take on Rapture and its continued deterioration. 

Born out of lofty expectations and a tight schedule, BioShock 2's aspirations are best exemplified by its multiplayer, 'Fall of Rapture', which depicted the city's downfall as a violent, unending, all-against-all civil war.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of BioShock 2, we spoke with the game’s creative director, Jordan Thomas, and lead designer, Allen Goode, about the intricacies of creating its multiplayer spin-off.

(Image credit: 2K Games)

“[BioShock 2] focused on the little people in Rapture,” Jordan Thomas, creative director on BioShock 2, tells TechRadar. “The previous game was all about grand ideas and big powerful men, and a few women, making sweeping gestures and throwing their brows, and the second game was very much about smaller stories and more intimate relationships.”

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