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BlackBerry branded phones won't be made by TCL anymore

Blackberry Key2

Fans of the current BlackBerry mobile phone lineup got some bad news today. In a Twitter post, TCL Communication revealed they no longer have the rights to design, make or sell any future phones with the BlackBerry Mobile brand. Sales of existing TCL-made BlackBerry phones will end on August 31, 2020. Support for those phones, including customer and warranty support, will continue until August 31, 2022.

TCL’s Twitter post did not give a specific reason why the company no longer can design or make BlackBerry-branded phones. It did thank all of the partners, customers,and fans of BlackBerry “for their support over these last few years.”

In its own Twitter post, BlackBerry thanked TCL “for a successful partnership over the past few years. Together we produced great things.” It did not comment on why BlackBerry decided to end their smartphone branding partnership with TCL.

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