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Canon EOS 850D vs EOS 800D: comparing the beginner-friendly DSLRs

The Canon EOS 850D (known in the US as the Rebel T8i) is the follow-up to the EOS 800D (the Rebel T7i), which was released back in 2017. The camera world's attention may have shifted to mirrorless, but many people still prefer DSLRs – so is the 850D a big enough upgrade to its predecessor? 

The most obvious upgrade is 4K video capture. But the 850D also brings a host of smaller and more subtle upgrades, including a new processor, that should improve its shooting experience as a whole.

These two cameras look near-identical, have the same pentamirror viewfinder magnification, and familiar 3-inch vari-angle touchscreens. So what else is different and is there enough to convince you trade in your EOS 800D / Rebel T7i?

Canon Rebel T8i / 850D

(Image credit: Canon)


  • Canon EOS 850D / Rebel T8i: 24.1MP Dual Pixel CMOS APS-C Sensor
  • Canon EOS 800D / Rebel T7i: 24.2MP Dual Pixel CMOS APS-C Sensor

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