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Capcom returning to Western casual market with Snoopy Puzzle Journey | Pocket Gamer.biz

Capcom has opened up pre-registration for its upcoming licensed casual game Snoopy Puzzle Journey.

The new game is expected to launch on iOS and Android on March 3rd 2020. It's a matching puzzler featuring Peanuts characters, designed for simplicity and one-handed play.

According to Siliconera, Snoopy Puzzle Journey will also feature a subscription service. For $4.49 a month, players will have their hearts restored faster and gain additional login bonuses every day.

A bold move?

It's an interesting move from Capcom, which over the last few years has mostly relied on porting its back-catalogue of premium handheld titles to mobile. It did previously launch two Snoopy casual games on mobile, but both have ceased operating outside of Japan, where they are still regularly updated.

The developer doesn't seem to be putting much weight behind this new release either. Its official website features very basic translations and some grammatical errors, which suggests that Capcom is quickly putting together a wider release as an experiment before it fully commits to pushing back into the Western casual market.

Capcom's casual titles were previously released under the banner of Beeline Interactive, though that was folded into the rest of the company in April 2016 when the company decided to focus on its own IP going forward. The firm made no mention of this new Snoopy game in its most recent financials.

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