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Deal: Prepare for the robot age with Essential AI training

Essential AI for robot survival

It’s only a matter of time before the robots rise up to become our shiny metal overlords. That might be an apocalyptic view, but learning how our future conquerors operate is definitely a worthwhile career move. Tech Deals is now offering the Essential AI and Machine Learning Certification Training Bundle as a budget-friendly guide.

This online learning kit helps you understand the basics of essential AI functions. You can explore four different modules and a total of 24 hours of content.

Explore computer vision and machine learning.

Across your training, you’ll dabble with computer vision and natural language processing. As a result, you’ll understand how machines are able to process images and understand speech more effectively. You’ll be able to explore TensorFlow and gain an understanding of unique essential AI methodologies.

You can complete as much or as little of the learning kit as you please. However, finishing each course offers a certificate of completion to add to your tech credentials. The other two modules provide essential AI and machine learning foundation. You can visualize data with Python and master the MatPlotlib extension Basemap.

The Essential AI and Machine Learning Certification Training Bundle

Essential AI at a glance:

The four modules in the Essential AI and Machine Learning Certification Training Bundle have a combined retail value of over $650. You can save over 90% off retail right now on Tech Deals and start learning for just $39.99.

The deal is in its last few days, so secure your future via the widget below.

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