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Dyson patents pollution-beating headphones to purify the air around you

For all their smarts and specs, even the best headphones of 2020 can't protect your lungs from air pollution – but that's something Dyson could be seeking to change, judging from the brand's latest patent.

As reported by Bloomberg, the company has patented a pair of over-ear headphones that double up as an air purifier, housing a filter inside the earcups and a mouthpiece that guides filtered air directly in front of the user's mouth and nose.

The patent, which dates back to July 2018, has only just been made publicly available, and describes Dyson's inventive solution to air pollution – something the brand says is "an increasing problem" and that "a variety of air pollutants have known or suspected harmful effects on human health". 

Dyson headphones

(Image credit: Dyson Ltd.)

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