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Facebook discounts the Portal Mini smart display, but it's cheaper on Amazon

Facebook launched a new set of smart displays in the second half of 2019, but we're not sure how popular they are among customers. To help with that, Facebook is running a sale on all if smart displays, but one, in particular, seems to be very cheap the Portal Mini.

Ironically, it's not Facebook that offers the best Portal Mini deal, but Amazon. Typically selling for $130, the Portal Mini is now available for purchase via Facebook's online store for just $99. However, if you decide to go for Amazon's deal, you'll save an extra $7.

Also, both Facebook and Amazon offer a $50 discount to anyone buying two Portal Mini smart displays, or any other product eligible for this promotion. Facebook's Portal Mini comes in two color options – black and white, but for the lowest price, choose the latter.

In case you're not aware, Facebook is using Amazon's Alexa digital assistant to power the Portal Mini. The device comes with a large 8-inch HD display that lets you make video calls using Messenger and WhatsApp.

You can also use it as a digital frame to display photos from Facebook, Instagram, and your smartphone's camera gallery. There's one important thing you should know before buying one – you'll need an active Facebook account to be able to use the Portal Mini.

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