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For the first time: iCloud.com portal accessible from iPhone and Android through browser

Until recently, when trying to access iCloud.com from a mobile device browser, you landed on a page informing you that you have to download and use apps to sign-in to your iCloud account. Luckily, as reported by Redmond Pie, we now see that Apple has changed the page and users are now able to access certain iCloud content by visiting iCloud.com from an iOS or even an Android device.The iPhone is able to log in directly while remaining in the browser (without redirection) to access photos, notes, reminders and the Find My iPhone option. However, the page still suggests that for other functionality you will have to use a desktop computer or an iPad.

The situation is similar when logging in from a device running Android. The interesting part is that, however, if you have enabled two-factor authentication, you will still need your iPhone around to access the account. Having said that, if you have been using your Android device for two-factor authentication, you will still be able to use it as usual.

Accessing iCloud Photos on mobile is pretty similar to the desktop experience with the slight difference that the button for download can be found with the additional options, rather than next to the sharing option as is on the desktop experience. Users can also view and modify their notes and reminders and use the Find iPhone option, which again requires login before proceeding. Users are also able to access iCloud Settings, but the options for data recovery and the list of signed-in devices are accessible only from a PC or an iPad.

Even though Apple has been taking their time to provide this functionality, users can now profit from it without the need of a desktop computer, even on Android. The important thing to remember is that you need your iPhone around if you have additionally protected your iCloud account with two-factor authentication and that not all features are available without a desktop computer or an iPad.

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