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Google to disable RCS chat workarounds for Messages app in unsupported regions

Google is trying to simplify messaging on Android devices by using something called RCS (Rich Communication Services), also known as Advanced Messaging. It's meant to replace the traditional SMS messages and offers an enhanced phonebook and the option to send in-call multimedia.

Unfortunately, the messaging service is only available in several countries like the United States, France, Mexico, and the UK. Because of that, some tech-savvy Android users found a workaround to make RCS available in unsupported countries.

As AndroidPolice points out, Google originally said that it would migrate those using the workaround after the initial launch of the service in the United States. Today, the Mountain View company announced that it would rather disable the workaround by the end of the month so that those who made RCS available in unsupported regions will no longer be able to use it.

There's no mention of RCS being launched in other countries in the statement, so starting next month, the service will only be available in those four countries, if people don't discover another workaround.

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