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Grab a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 (T-Mobile) for just $350

The Galaxy S9 is no longer listed on T-Mobile's website and even Samsung has decided to stop selling the phone through its official online store. Currently, Samsung Galaxy S9 is worth around $600 outright, at least that's what the South Korean company believes.In better circumstances, you could get one for $400, but you would have to either trade in your older smartphone or sign up for a long-term agreement with a carrier. So you'd be much better getting one from one of the major US retailers like Amazon, Best Buy or B&H.

You can even find better deals on eBay if you're determined to own a Galaxy S9, despite the fact that the Galaxy S20 is just around the corner. Long story short, eBay seller QuickShipElectronics has a great deal on the T-Mobile Galaxy S9 (64GB).

For a limited time or while supplies last, this T-Mobile version of Samsung Galaxy S9 is available for just $350. The phone is brand new and comes with 1 year of warranty. Shipping is free for all customers, but the phone is only available in Midnight Black color. You can find the deal at the link below if the seller still has any units left in stock.

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