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How will OTT in sports broadcasting impact advertising?

The sports broadcasting industry has rapidly evolved in recent years, and the move of live broadcasting to the internet, utilizing over-the-top (OTT) infrastructures will provide new opportunities in advertising. The benefits to promotional sponsors are three fold; video-on-demand (VOD) will allow more people than ever to view sporting events, creating a bigger advertising pool; a younger, more ad-receptive audience will be attracted to these platforms; and OTT services will enable for the distribution of more personalized advertorial content.

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Matt Bowman, Director, ISG Connect.

For the first time in the UK, Amazon Prime’s recent dip into Premier League broadcasting provided an alternative to traditional linear channels. Their claim that ‘millions’ tuned in, is a snapshot into the potential reach of OTT services. What is more, the monetary potential of these platforms, may well lead to the democratization of sports fixtures. It is important to examine these affects, and what they mean for the broadcasting and advertising industry, as the future of streaming TV now confronts us.

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