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Huge camera modules: do you like them, do you hate them?

So, we finally got a view of a real-life Galaxy S20 Ultra… allegedly! A photo of the phone surfaced and it pretty much reaffirmed everything that we’ve been seeing in the renders.

And it doesn’t look ugly per se, though the camera module still appears… bulky. A protruding camera has pretty much been a mainstay on smartphones for the past few years, but now that the number of lenses is steadily growing and we are getting tech like periscope zoom, the bumps are growing in size, instead of shrinking.

Some might actually like this look — it boldly states that the phone is going to have a beastly camera. But there are probably fans of the sleek and understated look out there who would find it… unsightly. So, we ask you — which camp are you in?

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