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LG G7 ThinQ drops to new all-time low price at Amazon

LG's flagships stopped being exceptionally interesting a long time ago, hence the low sale numbers. Add to that the fact that they're not among the first to receive major updates and we got a recipe for failure.

But one thing where LG's flagship score big time is the price. Not at launch, of course, but if you wait several months, you can get an LG high-end smartphone for a fraction of its suggested retail price.

The most recent G7 ThinQ deal, not the newest LG flagships, brings the price to the lowest amount we've seen to date. For the first time since the LG G7 ThinQ was launched on the market, you can get one for less than $300 and not let yourself be tied with a long term contract.

Amazon has both the Platinum Gray and Aurora Black versions on sale, but only the former drops below the $300 price mark. Even so, the Aurora Black model is just $15 more expensive, so it might worth a look as well if you prefer a darker shade.

The smartphones come with US warranty are sold by LG via Amazon. It's also worth mentioning they're compatible with all four major carriers in the country – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

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