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Microsoft launches Project xCloud streaming game service for iOS devices

After launching Project xCloud, on Android, Microsoft announced today its streaming game service is available on iOS devices. Since the service is still being tested, that's what iOS users will get, a TestFlight Preview that will allow only a limited number of users to play PC/Xbox games on their iOS devices.Microsoft announced that the Project xCloud preview for iOS is limited to a single compilation of games – Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The preview is only available in the US, UK, and Canada at the moment for up to 10,000 testers. Here is what you need to do in order to participate in the Project xCloud limited iOS TestFlight preview:
  • A Microsoft account (MSA) associated with your Xbox gamertag.
  • An iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.0 or greater and also Bluetooth version 4.0.
  • A Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One Wireless Controller. Please refer to this support article if you are unsure if your Xbox One controller supports Bluetooth.
  • Access to a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection that supports 10Mbps-down bandwidth, similar to streaming video. If you are using Wi-Fi, we recommend using a 5Ghz connection.
  • Optional but recommended: a third-party controller mount for phone-based gamers, available at 11 Street and other retailers.

Microsoft doesn't say when the iOS TestFlight preview program will end, but it does mention that those who successfully enroll may not be allowed to participate for the full duration of the preview, as Microsoft may cycle through testers if there are too many applicants.

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