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Microsoft releases redesigned Office apps for iOS devices

Microsoft has just released a big update for its Office apps on iOS devices. The new update brings a complete redesign of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which is supposed to make the apps simpler, faster and easier to use than ever before. On top of that, they look much better, Microsoft says.Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't reveal any specifics about the changes included in the update, so you'll just have to play with the apps. However, it looks like there's a new Alt Text Pane that should make content easier to access, MSPU reports. Apart from the new design, Microsoft added the features listed below:
  • Read and Reply on the Fly: Respond to comments and mentions right from email without opening the workbook.
  • Look left, look right… XLOOKUP is here: Row by row, find anything you need in a table or range with XLOOKUP.

XLOOKUP is a new Excel feature that lets users find what they're looking for faster and easier with fewer limitations than before. You'll be able to look up a value vertically and horizontally, but the new feature also supports column insertions and deletions among other things.

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