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Mobile gamers key target market for consumer brands | Pocket Gamer.biz

While an increasing amount of mobile game revenue is generated by in-game ads, the perception has always been that such advertising comes from within the sector.

After all, the largest mobile game companies spend large amounts of money trying to persuade people already playing mobile games to download their mobile games.

Tapjoy's fourth annual survey of mobile gamers - Modern Mobile Gamer: Direct-To-Consumer Marketing Insights - suggests this is changing, however.

The US company has already worked with consumer subscription services such as Dollar Shave Club, Winc, Postmates, and Ipsy and reckons mobile gamer provide an excellent target audience for similar brands looking to expand their audience.

Better ways to advertise

The survey covered over 11,000 US adult mobile gamers and found the majority are interested in finding out more about such services, and prefer to shop directly with a brand than through a third party retailer.

Clothing, footwear and jewelry were the most popular sectors of interest across all age and gender groups.

More specifically for mobile gamers as an audience, 64 per cent of the survey said they were more likely to engage with an in-app rewarded ad than a social media sponsored post for retail advertisers.

Of course, Tapjoy's business is built around such incentivised ads and actions within mobile games.

You can check out the full report via the Tapjoy website (email signup required).

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