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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and S10 Lite deals are here - this is where to pre-order

So...Samsung's been busy! We've been so geared up for the release of Samsung Galaxy S20 deals that we almost forgot about Samsung's pile of affordable devices launching before that.

When we say pile, we do mean it quite literally with four devices being launched at the same time. That's the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy Note 10 Lite, A51 and A71.

As you've probably guessed from the names, these devices break into two categories - the Lite devices and the 'A' series options. While they all operate within some impressively low price brackets, it's really an option of budget or mid-range.

For those preferring something a bit more powerful, Samsung's Galaxy S10 Lite (£579) and the Note 10 Lite (£529) are taking the best of Samsung in 2019 and condensing the cost right down, landing you some amazing specs at a much better price.

The two 'A' devices on the other hand are a continuation of Samsung's efforts to infiltrate the affordable phones market. And considering the giant batteries, HD screens and army of cameras on board, we're really quite amazed with the prices they've hit of £329 for the Galaxy A51 and £419 for the Samsung A71.

You won't be surprised to learn most retailers and networks have jumped on this launch - it's Samsung after all! But we've listed the main names below. However, with all of the devices still in pre-order period, it will be a while until you receive it.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, A51, A71 and Note 10 Lite deals:

If you want pre-order any of these hand then you can do so from any of these retailers:

Samsung phone contracts:

- Carphone Warehouse
- Mobiles.co.uk
Affordable Mobiles

SIM-free Samsung phones:

- Amazon
John Lewis

Galaxy Lite or Samsung 'A' series - which new handset should I buy?

This is the ultimate question. The one thing all of these handsets have in common is that they're all affordable, some just more than others.

If you want something with a bit more power, similar to what was on offer last year then the two Lite devices will be for you. The Note 10 Lite featuring its unique 'S' pen and some impressive camera specs while the S10 Lite focuses on battery, processing power and having a high quality screen.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 are fully pointed towards being affordable. Despite being surprisingly cheap, they hold up quite well in the specs department, offering decent sized batteries, tonnes of cameras and good looking screens, they just fall slightly short in the processing power department. 

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